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    Having always worked from home, and I absolutely love it, I like my happy space, home, and surroundings. I have no problem with lockdowns. However, many people struggle with this newfound "Me" time! So that's where it is good to set some working hours boundary and get your space working for you. If you have a spare bedroom filled with bedroom furniture which just looks great, but you don't use it, then transform it into an office or workroom or dressing room. Don't live in your house the way it is if it doesn't work for you now. Having a four-bedroom home does not mean they have to stay as bedrooms; dining rooms don't have to be that if you never use them. Think about where the light comes in on the bit of the day you will be working and take that room; take the one which inspires you the most and makes that bedroom work for you now, not when you may sell it.

    By finding your perfect space, you can set it out as a sanctuary, have some candles burning a comfy chair or a small sofa, have lights on the desk to create light without it being too overlit.

    Really think about how you use your space, I was talking to an architect who was struggling to work from home, and he only had one bedroom, and it wasn't big enough to put in a desk. I would avoid at all cost placing the desk in a bedroom or lounge as you will never switch off. I suggested the dining room or kitchen diner, but he said it was on the ground floor, and the lounge on the first had better light, so he has compromised and is using the lounge because he works there better and has a view over the river.