Lifestyle Dowsing

Dowsing your space

What is Lifestyle Dowsing?

Dowsing rods or a pendulum are simply tools. Our human body is the instrument and we perceive energy through our physical and subtle senses and the dowsing rods or crystal respond to this. So they are for ‘visualising’ the energies being read and felt in a house. This confirmation of the information guides the next stages of space ‘clearing’ and realignment.

The art of dowsing is very ancient indeed. Some early evidence of dowsing can be found in parts of Germany where dowsing was used to locate veins of mineral ore.

I seek to address the deepest core issues that are causing problems for the client business or pet. I use the approach that can be likened to that of a house detective or forensic architect. I explore the significance of the deeper resonance between a person and their house or business in relation to the land its inhabitants, human or otherwise. It allows me to delve into the soul of a home or business and how it relates to the inner patterns and karma of the client. This psychotherapeutic process enables us to work together and unravel the reasons why a person may not feel ‘at home’ or a business has a blockage.

I dowse Businesses, Houses, People and Pets.


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