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I became a fan of dowsing in the mid 1990s and indeed have used it myself in conjunction with various complementary therapies I have trained in.


However, sometimes you are just too close to a problem personally to be able to solve it on your own. I am always careful who I choose to work with when I know I need extra specialist help. This is why I brought in Kerrie to dowse my current house. Mostly the vibes were fine but I felt as if the energy was stuck in some way as some aspects of my life seemed like walking through treacle and my sleep pattern was getting increasingly disturbed. Kerrie came to the rescue. She produced a report which made total sense. One interesting part for me was when she detected an animal spirit in the house. My old lurcher Bran had died in the house about 18 months previously. He had always been very much a ‘Mummy’s boy’ and very attached to me. He is still very much with me in spirit but from a peaceful space of his own however this was causing me issues so Kerrie checked if it was a good spirit attachment or bad and did it need leaving or removing, she dowsed and found it was bad energy and so Kerrie removed it.

There were two interesting aspects for me of Kerrie’s report. She was spot on about the animal presence. It was definitely Bran. So she was able to release him to pass over fully. She also highlighted the fact that he had died in the most advantageous area of my house. It was as if he was drawn there. Not only that, directly above is my bedroom and exactly above was my bed. By clearing the presence, my sleep improved.


By clearing Bran’s presence and correcting other energies, I felt immediately a lightness. Blockages in my life shifted. This affected my personal and professional life. My sleep improved.


There were negative energy pockets which Kerrie identified on a floor plan and sure enough, they were area’s in my house where I had discussed issues with others, this creates a negative energy spot. If you repeatedly discuss the negative issues, there were quite a few around my kitchen table and one in my downstairs bathroom where I was discussing a building issue with a contractor, I laughed at how accurate the information Kerrie gave me was.

I can definitely recommend Kerrie to you to help with your invisible interiors as well as the visible. However beautiful one’s furniture, one needs beautiful energy and vibration first and foremost. I would also like to mention that dowsing is not just a one-off. Life continues and we accumulate various blocks and attachments as we go along, in our environment and also in our body and aura. If you, your personal and/or business life and your surroundings feel in need of a spring clean, there have been crucial business aspects I have employed Kerrie to dowse for a simple question the cost was minimal for the actual advice was crucial to my life. I would urge you to book an appointment with Kerrie. The process is quick and easy. Then mark your diary for a checkup a few months later so Kerrie can ensure everything is still clear and take swift action if not.


I also booked a personal session to dowse my self which was totally enlightening to have the house and myself done has set us both up for a better start to 2019 than I could have imagined. Thank you Kerrie and when I need any important decisions made or feel like my life is not on course, I will, of course, be contacting her. 

Jane Noble Knight


Book a dowsing session for yourself from £75.

25 January 2018

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