Dowse You Session

Dowse You Session

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Kerrie will take a look at you, in a dowsing session she will need your name where you live and date of birth she will go through a long list of areas of influence as to if there is any blockages of energy flow to try and find any in-ballances.

If there are any blockages she will clear them and write a report for you on her findings and recomendations.

She will find the find the blocks in your life and clear the bad energy so your life falls back on track.

Do you feel stuck in a rut,feel drained depleted or defeated are you unwell or things seam to just not be going in your favour then it is worth investing in a dowsing session.

Kerrie was suffering from depression when she used a house dowser to dowse her house giving amazing results, in fact trippleing her income. There were negative lines in her house which led to her office desk, these lines were not only cleared but turned into possitive lines all now leading to the desk in which she spends most of her days working.

After the house was done she decided to talk to the doser about her feeling unwell and mentally drained and there were sure enough 2 bad energys attached to Kerrie these she likes to describe as black clouds when they were removed she felt like a weight had literally been lifted from her shoulders and with the house done and now her it was time for her to concour the world of business. She started her clothing company almost imediately and then her holiday cottage Turtledove Hideaway things went for terribly poor to souring high, within the next 2 years Kerrie was up for not one or two awards but 19! She was featured in 24 national and international Interior Magazines and national newspapers and things were looking up. Kerrie has just finnished her second book called Bullshit and Half A Dozen Eggs in this she talks about her dowsing experiances which led her to a clear path forward and to become a dowser herself. Kerrie also talks about depression how to overcome it and how to use manifesting in your life to achieve your goals.

Human beings are sensitive to such energies that can be picked up from places or people, you can be literally drained in body, mind and spirit by negative energies. This negative energery can actually cause illness in many cases and rather like an a battery it can lose its power if there is a leak to earth, often when you are not aware of it.

Charging up the battery with healing will help, but the energy will still go down again unless the leak is stopped, or better still reversed or turned into a positive energy.

It is a good idea to have you and your house done or ask Kerrie to dowse who in the house needs dowsing and if the house does need dowsing this can be done quickly and this is free.

If something starts to go wrong again it is a good idea to ask Kerrie if anything has changed and if you need dowsing again, this is also a free service.

Kerrie Can also dowse a house or business if you have problems which you dont seam to be able to overcome.


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