Dowse Your Pet Session

Dowse Your Pet Session

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Kerrie will take details about the issue you have with your pet and dowse if she can help to start with. Then she will help try and find out the issue with a dowsing session over the phone

In a dowsing session, she will need your name where you live t she will go through a long list of areas of influence as to if there he pet and the issue she will see if there are any blockages of energy flow to try and find any in-balances.

If there are any blockages she will clear them and write a report for you on her findings and recommendations.

She will find the find the blocks in your life and clear the bad energy so your pets life falls back on track.

Is your pet unwell, badly behaved or not performing seams depleted of energy, or something just isn't right then it is worth investing in a dowsing session?

Is a horse unhappy and being badly behaved a cat constantly meowing or a dog being sick all of these she can see if there is something bothering the animal by linking up with spirit.

Kerrie recently helped Ali with her rescue dog the problem was the dog was being sick everywhere so I thought he just needed to settle but days later still no improvement her husband went away on business she said its probably that, I just checked whilst she was on the phone, no it wasn't that so Ali agreed to do a session we continued and by asking a series of questions whilst dowsing I found out that the food he was eating was making him sick nothing else. We even checked for animal spirits in the house this can really affect pets. The food Ali was feeing him was two different brands a pet shop had recommended this!!! castor oil and yoghurt were also recommended poor dog what a concoction.

I found out it wasn't just the mix the dog was allergic to all the different items. I then dowsed a brand the first which came into my head usually is the one! someone is trying to tell you! It was James Wellbeloved. I told her to not give the dog anything else but chicken and rice for 3 days to clear his gut and not to be tempted to any other titbits or treats! Then give the dog James Wellbeloved she called me to check the flavour she picked he would be ok with and it was fine. He wasn't sick for over a week a great result. I called a few days after and asked how he was and he was sick again I asked what had changed she sheepishly said she had given the dog a pig's ear and some treats. I told her off obviously!!.

She stopped all treats and it again cleared up so she knows the consequences of her treat feeds!.

Here is Alis review;

" We are absolutely delighted to share our positive experience and results re Kerrie dowsing our dog.

We adopted Jack from Animal Lifeline 7 weeks ago and until 10 days ago when Kerrie dowsed Jack and recommended a particular food for him, he was constantly sick.

Having followed her advice he is not being sick at all and seems much happier.

We cannot speak highly enough of her results with our "new,
old furry friend". Another great thing about her service is that it is done over the phone; really convenient.

Thank you so much, Kerrie!
Ali B "

Human beings are sensitive to such energies that can be picked up from places or people, you can be literally drained in body, mind and spirit by negative energies imagine animals being twice as sensitive. This negative energy can actually cause illness in many cases and rather like a battery it can lose its power if there is a leak to earth, often when you are not aware of it.

Charging up the battery with healing will help, but the energy will still go down again unless the leak is stopped, or better still reversed or turned into positive energy.

It is a good idea after dowsing your pet to have you and your house done or ask Kerrie to dowse who in the house needs dowsing and if the house does need dowsing this can be done quickly and this is free.

If something starts to go wrong again it is a good idea to ask Kerrie if anything has changed and if you need dowsing again, this is also a free service.

Kerrie Can also dowse a house or business if you have problems which you don't seem to be able to overcome.


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