• How to Create This Staircase On A budget! - French Grain Sack Style

    How to Create This Staircase On A budget! today I will talk you through the thought process and practicality of choosing this option.

    You need to decide first of all is it practical, are the stairs in a good enough condition and thirdly will it make me smile! if the answer is yes then just buy the paint and start the process.

    What you will need

    Eggshell paint/or chalk and varnish

    Masking Tape 

    Tape measure or template 

    A steady hand

    Lots of enthusiasm

    Glass of wine! ( I work better fuelled on a glass of wine and music!)

    Don't forget the music! I have a Bose carry around orange speaker the best £99 I have ever spent, Tiny. until you turn it on! (so I don't lose it I choose the vibrant Orange, it also straps to my bike! ) Music on the go I call it.