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What is Dowsing?

Dowsing rods or a pendulum are simply tools. Our human body is the instrument and we perceive energy through our physical and subtle senses and the dowsing rods or crystal respond to this. So they are for ‘visualising’ the energies being read and felt in a house. This confirmation of the information guides the next stages of space ‘clearing’ and realignment.

The art of dowsing is very ancient indeed. Some early evidence of dowsing can be found in parts of Germany where dowsing was used to locate veins of mineral ore.

I seek to address the deepest core issues that are causing problems for the client or business. I use the approach that can be likened to that of a house detective or forensic architect. I explore the significance of the deeper resonance between a person and their house or business in relation to the land its inhabitants, human or otherwise. It allows me to delve into the soul of a home or business and how it relates to the inner patterns and karma of the client. This psychotherapeutic process enables us to work together and unravel the reasons why a person may not feel ‘at home’ or a business has a blockage.

If you are like me and need every detail to try and understand Dowsing first see The London Sound Therapy website where negative energy lines are explained in more detail. 


Dowsing John's Business this week

This week I dowsed a business space to get rid of any negative energy which may be holding the business back. 
Dusty Gems is an eclectic furniture and giftware shop in Cheshire where we have just stocked some of our original and vintage finds along with some quirky items and hand painted pieces.

I found that it was unbalanced and scored 49% negative energy out of 100%

There were 2 negative human energy fields near the desk, These could have been created from such simple things as an argument even on the phone to say BT! or two staff members conflicting. I cleared the energy.

There was an energy spiral in the centre of the room once people hit this energy they tend to follow the spiral and the way it was positioned scooped them up in it and basically plonked them in a spot in the middle of the room they would feel the energy and walk straight back out. 

 I asked John if people came in, did a circle and went out again, he said, "yes" why? I showed him my drawing of the spiral, I then turned the negative energy spiral into a positive.

There was an emotional energy area this was caused from a break-up and sure enough, John had suffered a break up, now this point can be formed by just retelling the story over and over again and holding on to it.

At the back of the room, there was a spirit line which I cleared, John said people headed for this point in the room even though that corner is used as a workshop.

A place memory was found this is often a big battle or argument this was cleared nut needs a regular check.

I found 3 tree spirits, in this case, I wanted to locate them as it is in a furniture shop I was intrigued to see what age the pieces were and where they were from as John buys from all over Europe. I went along to the shop I had already pinpointed them on the floor plan to make it easier before arriving. I got my dowsing rods out and found one was some old original shutters from Hungary. The second was an old chest also located from hungry and the third was some reclaimed oak beams. The tree spirits have attached them selfs to the wood and the furniture then made and I just needed to ask them to locate a new tree and hop off the furniture and beam. Tree spirits can work with or against you and in this instance were working against John so I needed to remove them.

John sits at the back of the building on the right and I found Johns beneficial spot to be in for himself in business and spiritually was the front of the shop to the right or 1/3 in in-line with the front of the door, so John is going to move his desk.

John's front door is exactly in line with the back door. I don't know why Builders and architects still do this as there is so much information on why not to do this even in Feng Shui. I had a house in Lincolnshire the front door was actually in line with the back and every single penny I earned two to three days later I would get a random unexpected bill or an appliance would break or I would pop a tyre or an alloy on my car would shatter ( that happened a lot!) 5 alloys later I started looking into Feng Sui and found that the line between the two doors meant that every single penny that came in went out. We were always rich then broke it was a vicious circle. I decided to put a large kitchen extension on the back of the house and was able to change where the back door was I swiftly moved it to the left of the new room and I have to say from the moment the door had been hung it all stopped. I started getting the money I deserved there was an offer of a job for £30,000 more than the job on offer and things started to look up.

The direct alignment of two or more doors will create a harsh quality of feng shui energy resembling Sha Chi. Imagine Chi, or energy, as water flowing into your space. You will see that water will rush very fast through two or more directly aligned doors without slowing down to actually nourishing the space.


What you can do to create better energy. Now, what easy feng shui solutions are available to you if you live in a house with a direct alignment of doors? Depending on your floor plan, your budget, as well as your decor style, here are some practical feng shui tips. To rid this line I would surgest one of the following Place a round table in the direct pathway of energy. This will redirect the energy and slow it down. A vase with fresh flowers on the table will improve the energy even further.

Work with color to change the relationship between doors. 

You can work with colour from the Feng Shui chart and paint one door a stronger colour aligning the energy or a tall and wide plant in a strong pot this will redirect the energy. John didn't seem to have that problem as he has created three semi partition on the left wall which breaks up the energy as it flows through the building. Do small changes otherwise, you won't know which one was the solution for your space. I love to use a combination of Feng Shui and dosing to maximize my results.

I dowsed at 10 am and visited John's premises at 2 pm he said since about 10.30 people have been coming right into the shop not just circling and returning I stayed and dosed John as he also needed dowsing and by the time it came to 4 pm the shop had an unusual constant flow of customers bustling in chatting and shopping. A great outcome for John.

To find out more on what I can do for your home or business or book a dowsing session for yourself.  I have an offer on at the moment £75.00 for a house and £120 for a business. 

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