Dowse Your House Session

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Kerrie will take a look at your floor plan and dowse your space to find the blocks in your life and clear the bad energy so your life falls back on track.

I will need a floor plan just a sketch is fine then I will find it there are any geopathic stress lines these can either be removed or turned into positive energy lines. For instance, I had two lines in my house they crossed and ended exactly where I sat at my office desk, everything I did seamed to go wrong fall apart or dimish bad luck after bad luck came my way regular at least twice a week sometimes every day. I researched the Feng shui I had previously trained in which interferes with interior design but found dowsing I researched it and have been trained by an expert dowser who did my house I was so impressed with the remarkable difference it made in my life I decided to study it to help other people. It is the most intriguing thing I have ever done. My business went from practically closing down to starting 2 more businesses within 3 years,(I work from home so this worked by dowsing my home) Offices and businesses can also be done. I cannot recommend Dowsing enough. 

Dowsing is healing sick houses Geopathic Stress, otherwise known as negative earth energies, black streams or earth rays, have become acknowledged as a hazard to health.

Human beings sensitive to such energies can be drained in body, mind, and spirit by negative lines, This negative energy can actually cause illness in many cases and rather like a battery it can lose its power if there is a leak to earth, often when you are not aware of it. (Like if you leave a battery-operated radio on)

Charging up the battery with healing will help, but the energy will still go down again unless the leak is stopped, or better still reversed or turned into a positive energy.

You may be aware of places where you feel uplifted, and therefore on a positive line, as well as places where you feel drained depleted and defeated.

• Kerrie dowses your house for all negative influences.
• Kerrie writes a report on her findings.
• Kerrie then cleanses the house and removes the stress.
• House Dowsing brings harmony back into a home, can improve health and peace of mind.

Kerrie Can also dowse an individual if you have problems which you don't seem to be able to overcome.