Washed brick walls - Interior Inspiration

This is a good example of a washed wall. I do this a lot in customers houses. To get this cooler charmed look you need to dilute either a cream paint/grey or mix the two together, left overs are fine then dilute 50/50 water to paint to get a cram consistency.


You then apply with a large wall paper pasting style brush or those large outdoor fence painting brushes, then with a dry rag wipe over it scrubbing it in to all the nooks and crannies which gives the amazon detail. You need to move quickly as it dries fast. If you have applied too much in an area just spray with water and scrub in which dilutes the look.

Have a go and let me see your results. If you are a little scared start with the inside of your garage and see how it doubles the look of the space. Work on small areas one wall at a time.



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