Visual Arts Open Competition

Kerrie Griffin is a well renowned Interior Designer and Multi award winning too, but I bet you didn't know she was an aspiring artist!. After trying to find a way to support her two young daughters after a marriage breakdown in complete deep depression she started trying to paint again to provide an income to support her family. She started by painting on watercolour and making cards to sell in her local coffee shop on her first ever visit she sold 20 cards and was given a cup of tea and a slice of cake to calm her down after breaking down in tears because someone wanted to buy her work. From there her confidence grew and she started painting Gineau fowl feathers a unique reverse painting formation Kerrie has devised to make them look 3D. I literally spent hours one day painting these falling feathers I had Jamiroquai playing and I had a can of Guinness which I use for cooking stews which I drank and painted my idea well into the next morning. Not long after I sold my first big painting and I haven't looked back. Over the last 10 years I have dipped in and out of painting when I feel inspired or don't! But recently in lockdown I have had a need and passion to create one after another of a new style of my work which is now live on my website. This is where I need your help I would like you to help me decide which piece of art I should submit to the Visual Arts Open Competition

Here is the criteria the judges are expecting Link Blog

I need two submissions and I just cannot decide so I am looking to my followers to join in the selection process.

Here are my final choices you need to comment and tell me which two you think I should enter.

1. Zebra Diva In lockdown Original Canvas

2. Drama Original Canvas

3. Finish Line Original Canvas

4.Perfect Peace Original Canvas

5. Heaven Sent Original Canvas

6.Coast Original Canvas

7. Peony and Sage Original Canvas

8.The Calm Before The Storm Original Canvas

9.Angel Feather Follow Your Dreams Original Canvas

10. New Wave Original Canvas


I hope you will participate and help me choose 2! 

I am happy you have enjoyed watching me paint these on u tube. Wish me luck! 

Kerrie x


  • No. 1 and 4

    Viv Griffin
  • No.1 and number 5

    Lisa Sig

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