VAO Competition Thank you - Everyone Is In Love With The Zebra!

Thank you all so much for voting. I have now chosen the two pieces of my work to enter the VAO competition with help from my followers because I just couldn't decide. When I paint, I paint for my pleasure, the pleasure of creating something completely unique. The Idea of selling them is to give pleasure to other people through my expressions of what I love.

No1 was a clear winner with you all. 100% choice for No 1 was Zebra Diva in Lock Down, and 2nd was a tie between new wave and heaven-sent; this painting was the start of something special that's why it is no2 all entered now #VAO #VAO2021 #theinteriorco @feathers_of_italy_ @turtledovehideaway


NO1 Heads above any! Zebra Diva in Lockdown

I look at this painting a lot and cannot believe how real it seems the lines defined the muscle and bone structure, so was Uber important to get right. I painted it over two days and absolutely loved doing it.

The two next with the most votes were New Wave my daughter and mother both said did you have a dark day when you painted this, I had but I saw the light at the end of the tunnel and added bright yellow at the top which when mixed with the blue created the great aqua green. I paint from my heart so I am glad you loved this as much as me.

There was a black uncertainty about the future but coming in was new hope, new opportunities and new challenges.

The next was the second most liked but with slightly more votes so this is my second entry. 

No 2 Entry Heaven Sent

This is where it all started for me, painting these feathers; it got me out of an awful depression by expressing myself through painting. I like to think it saved me.

I was sitting in my conservatory miserable, awaiting any news of hope, when my chickens were startled by something. They jumped into the air, a feather fell to the ground. I watched it fall mesmerised by its angelic, almost unreal slowness to its fall to the ground. I then painted my first ever painting of feathers falling; such gracefulness was enchanting. The first painting I sold was to a connection I had made some years before.

I was invited to drive the painting over to the client's house. I hadn't even got enough to pay for the petrol to get there, the client paid for my petrol, and I stayed 2 days, we laughed we cried, and we rejoiced together, it was a special moment which defined my recovery. Was I really good enough to sell these incredible pieces which I was painting from my heart. The answer was a life-defining, yes. This client has become one of my best self promotors, always encouraging me.

I would like to thank all my followers, friends and people who have bought off me over the past 10 years. I am grateful to have come this far to even think about entering a competition like this.





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