Rice crispy Reindeer party snacks for boxing day kids treats!

Arnt these just so sweet and ultra easy to do, you will need a lollypop mould, lollypop sticks, melted chocolate, smarties pipeable icing.

  • First, make your rice crispy mix with melted treacle and butter (any recipe)
  • put the mix in the mould push a stick in the middle then pack more rice crispies in pushing them firmly down.
  • Whilst they are setting in the fridge pipe some chocolate on greaseproof paper in the shape of the antlers
  • When everything is set and dry take them gently from the moulds and lay on a surface.
  • This is the fun bit put blobs of melted chocolate to hold the antlers in place and the smartie nose then use the white and black pipeable icing wands to make the eyes.

If you have these and the little strawberry snowmen on plates the children will be delighted with their Christmas party food, Fun for everyone, even get them to help making them a great festive activity for children of all ages.


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