Kerrie Talks Home Office Interior Design

- What are the most important key components of a successful home office?
Being content in an uncluttered environment, it's not always easy to separate work and home, but it is essential to bring productivity. Don't have a spare room for guests if you never have any, or on the off chance, you do. Use your space for your needs today, not the never-never. 
- Are there any common mistakes people make? 
Trying to incorporate lots of things in one room! An excellent multifunctional room has to have its limits. If you are trying to incorporate a spare room somewhere for guests to sleep, a playroom combined with a laundry room, an office and a junk room, you will never get anything done. Your office needs to be clear of clutter. If you don't use it, either throw it away, put it in the attic or garage but get it out of your space and watch how much more focused you become. I have a large mood board of the things I want from life; it has my awards and achievements to remind me how far I have come and where I am heading. I use my office as a sewing room, a publishing and writing room, working on my websites, doing social media. I write and print large 300-page documents. I use it to paint in, sew in also read in.  I have shelves to house everything I am not using at that time, so my sewing machine has a place on the shelves; along with my upholstery items, there is a comfy chair to take long calls. There are my easels, my fabric and paints, all having their location. I didn't always use to be this organised; it comes with years of getting overwhelmed. I now have lists, folders, notebooks for each business and working from home is where I am most productive. 
- Are there any less obvious ways to incorporate a home office, especially when you're pushed for space?
Yes, go outside. I had a two-bay garage that I converted into my office space and a money-making holiday let called Turtledove Hideaway. I'm actually breaking off finishing my book "From Shed To Chic" how to create a money-making holiday, let as we speak to write this article. I could shut the door and leave my work out and still walk in the next day, and I took over where I had left off. 
- Do you have any tips for creating a zoom worthy backdrop for meetings?
It's a hard one because I am an Interior designer, and if my space doesn't look predominantly like a room, I can't work in it, try an encompass a soft chair, lovely blinds at the window and nice furniture. Buy matching folders or boxes and make it look pleasing to the eye rather than random. Spend some time thinking about colours for the walls and furnishings. If it's all matching, you will more likely want to go in. I prefer darker shades in my office with a lovely lamp to light my desk. Spend some money on good quality furniture and invest in yourself.
Kerrie can be contacted on her website she sells furniture and everything interiors and also you can see her interior design work. Take a peek inside her new book From Shed To Chic  available now on Amazon. Her fabulous home is currently on the welsh Shropshire border and is for sale with Fine and Country if you want to take a peep inside Interior Designer Kerrie's home she is also featured in Cheshire Life a six page spread this month the March/April edition where she talks interiors and design.

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