Kerrie Hits The Nationals With Her Flamboyant Style - The Telegraph - Ladies Day, Chester Races

Who would’ve thought when I decided to go to the races in Chester for the Boodles ladies' day when I haven’t been for two years that I would end up in the Telegraph the Chester Standard and online with my flamboyant style. Owner Of The Interior and Feathers Of Italy Kerrie Griffin featured in The Daily Telegraph.

I was invited to Chester Races Ladies Day, May 5th 2022 at the Boodles VIP box to experience the Chester races in style sipping champagne and betting from our very own betting box in the room. There was fabulous food, champagne and amazing company. I dragged along my fabulous friend Carine McClellan, Owner of her own little beauty empire called All About You in Ellesmere, Shropshire, she has just lost 3 stone and wanted to flaunt that new trim waist so we set about trying to find outfits.

I had shocking pink in my head and orange, obviously, I wanted to blend into the crowd!. I couldn’t decide between the two I went to a local hat hire company to see if I could get some help deciding. I tried on lots of hats, and I was overwhelmed with the choice she had suggested a company called, "Never Fully Dressed" and I saw this beautiful pink and orange silk dress it reminded me of the racing silks, and I had to have it. Now for the shoes, bag, and fascinator.

I ordered about 7 pairs of shoes and sandals from various places including my own company Feathers Of Italy, but none really did look perfect until Carine came round to show me her outfit, which she had been bragging to Facebook about! I have found my perfect outfit what about you! kind of post. She hid and tried it on. I took one look and thought I need to tactfully say NO!!!!! It was a catsuit you would wear on holiday! Thin cotton which did not accentuate her new figure at all, owning Feathers of Italy the Italian Fashion Boutique ( I should know these things.

Right, I said let’s get the I pad out a glass of wine and start researching, mmm she said I was afraid you would say that! She took it off sulking and we wondered downstairs as I gently pored some aesthetic (rose and Lemonade is her tipple) to soften the blow she was actively searching for, and nothing came up that she liked. I said this is a one in a million-opportunity dress like it. I said I had been to this lady’s house this week who was selling some couture race outfits she said to ring her now!!! I said there is one which I think you will love it's Lime green and purple, right up my street she announced. Within 30 minutes we were at the ladies’ house and Carine had purchased said fabulous hat and shoes which had won the lady best dressed at the races many times.

Meanwhile, I was googling Pink and Orange Fascinators and one came up on the Facebook marketplace a lady had bought it but never worn it, so I quickly responded and bought it before she changed her mind after buying some extra-long pink feathers and glued them in to give it extra vavoom and height! Meanwhile, I had ordered an orange painting bag and some feather boa to stick around the top, whilst Carine was still debating to wear Purple or Lime with her new couture hat from a designer who makes hats for the queen. We finally found the perfect dress it had a mini look empire line as she wanted and the dip hem, she was sold they had her size, and all was well with the world except it was armless! No leaves and she wanted her arms covered. We ordered a piece of purple satin fabric and the night before she brought it round, I got the machine out and set to make her a bespoke shrug with ballooned sleeves.

On the day of the races I was to be at Carine’s by 8am I don’t think I have been out of the house so early in weeks, we were having our hair and makeup done then jumped in Carine’s car and whizzed along to the Racecourse in plenty of time to wait at the gates first to get in and got papped three times before making it into the Boodles box. The atmosphere was electric, and everyone had dressed up after not being able to go to the races for some time.

We hit the boodles box in style first glass of champagne then meeting the owner and family then trying on a £395,000 5 carat diamond ring a girl's dream day, the food was delicious and I won 1st and second in the first three races then first so we went out into Chester to celebrate, we weren’t allowed into The Bar Lounge as the bouncers took a dislike to us for some reason and we headed into Havana which had an amazing atmosphere we danced till late and walked back to our apartment for the night. If you haven’t been to Chester races it’s the best place to start and ladies’ day is filled with bright vibrant dresses and hats there are celebrities such as Alex Ferguson, Michael Owen and his beautiful daughter attended and some of the Love Island stars to name a few.

That day we were invited to a private box at Sheffield united football club now that's a whole other story!

Until the next one, I think Ascot is calling!


 Kerrie's Outfit, Orange and Fuchsia dress @neverfullydressed Fascinator @marketplace extra feathers, @amazon Pendant, @Boodles Sunglasses, @versace Shoes, @Zara Bag. @feathersofitalyboutique Bracelet, @Boodles Ring, @Boodles Nails, @silk
Carine's Outfit, Purple and Lime hat by Sharpermillinery @sharpermillinery Dress, @coast purple shrug made by Kerrie Griffin from @feathersofitalyboutique shoes,@phaseeight Bag @Amazon Jewellery Antique


 After a transformation with 58 added pink feathers I think you will agree this is just the ticket to get photographed in the Telegraph!

I forgot what we were there for!! here's one of my win's


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