January Blues And Clearing Your Clutter - Top Tips

Thinking of making a change

Turtledove Hideaway by Kerrie Griffin The Interior Co Interior Design

I love a new year, I go through my house room by room, cupboard by cupboard on these dark and dingy days and get rid of everything that doesn't serve me.

I then choose my favorite objects per room and everything I don't like or i am fed up of looking at I list to sell, then i start looking for new objects to replace them so this is a great time for me to give you a discount. Take 10% off everything till next monday at 11 am. Use code EXTRA10%. Ends February 2nd 2020.
I have also got some of my these pieces listed on our facebook page these are collection only however I can get a price from our couriers. 

1. List all items in each room you want to get rid of 

2. make a list of items which you need including measurements 

3. List all items for sale on Facebook marketplace or local buy and sells 

4. Go through each room and remove anything you don't use put everything in a room you don't use a garage or cellar or spare room spend an hour each day sorting in to boxes of keepsakes, throw or giveaway.

5. Start shopping at www.theinteriorco.co.uk and replace some of those tired pieces with beautiful quality furniture you are going to have around a very long time.

Remember this is all good clutter clearing it not only organises your house it organises your mind in the process.

Grab a glass of wine and do it in the evening or with a friend remember this should be enjoyable. 

Enjoy cleansing your home and shopping for great new looks.
Kerrie x

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