I've Been Heading To The Beach For My Inspiration For Colours!

I have been to find inspiration and enlightenment this past week a few times, I am a short drive to a couple of the best beaches one in north wales and the other on the Wirral where I filmed Coast vs Country with my dear friend estate agent Tim Rickett.

Once I am back from the beach whilst I have those colours in my head I love to create a new piece of art to sell on my online shop.


When I was searching for my beach house I came to this beach and the colours and scenery wonderful somewhere I would definitely want to spend days walking along this coastline.

We filmed right outside of this house on the beach for the opening scene.


I look at all the colours of the seascape and this is what influences my choice of colours for my interiors from the pale shades of blues, pinks, aqua's and sandy earthy tones, the beach has it all.

Last week I headed to another one of my favourite spots I used to take my girls here as children to ride their ponies along the beach, the lighthouse is famous for the Dulux advert.  

Look at all these fantastic colours as the evening sun hides away to lavishly reflect on the incoming tide! 

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