Interior Design By Kerrie Griffin-Rogers Master Bedroom Period Farm house

Kerrie has over 30 years of experiance in doing up period properties she started with a tiny 1 up one down and it wasnt long before she was sourcing  designers guild from warehouse sales in london to get the best for her tiny buget and it wasnt long before local estate agents saw her real talent for turning properties around in to amazing unique homes.

Kerrie has a pashion for rollowing her sleeves and getting stuck in as from am early age her father was getting her mixing cement building things out of scraps of wood and renovating old properties.

Kerrie remembers as a child waiting for tea and her father said to her mother have i just got time to knock this wall down her mother knew that saying no to her sagiterian husband wouldnt make a blind bit of difference if he was in a get things done mode and so with in a few minuites the dinner was served and the wall in the kitchen came crumbling down around the dinner! her dad said there thats better as he emerged from the rubble to wash his hands and sat down to tea admiring his handy work.

The house was always filled with laughter as he would always take semi calculated risks and was a bit of a dare devil with will it all come tumbling down, so Kerries need to follow in her fathers footsteps began.

Here is a property Kerrie renovated from scratch and we will show you some before and afters over the weeks ahead to get a fell for the huge changes Kerrie made and how this period house won Best Country House in 2016 with Period Living Magazine.

This room is painted in Mouses back by Farrow and Ball Kerrie then painted the wood which was oak but had a horrible orabge tinge in House White by Farrow and Ball to create a fresh hotel feel. The light on the day of the shoot made the walls look a greyer than the browner look later in the day. There are three big windows in the room one very high up and it goes full hight to the ceiling. 

The furniture and accessories are from our collection.
Master bedroom design in a period oak framed farmhouse by The Interior Co

Farrow and Ball by The Interior Co

Farrow and ball mouses back by The Interior co

Mouse's Back F&B

School House White No.291 by farrow and ball the interior co

School House White F&B

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