How to create a relaxing living room.

How to create the best living room layout

If you’re thinking of redesigning your lounge or living room, take your tips from Interior Designer Kerrie Griffin-Rogers, living spaces are under estimated to our familys well being. Get it right and you will create a ballanced happy home enviroment for your family to spend time together get it wrong and everyone will migrate to there bedrooms!


Use as light a colour on the floor as you dare, If you have young children use a rug under sofas to avoid the spills to areas where they will be.

With dogs a wooden floor is a great option with rugs laid to give a more homely feel.


With so many sofas on the market the choice is hard but a good quality wooden frame is the best option, We have selected a few of our classic best sellers on our new website, which are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Soft tones, greys whites and creams make the rooms look bigger, again small children and dogs, use chunky knits and throws to give texture and practicality to protect them.

Try our Crawfors sofa a fantastic price no delivery to pay for our launch....

Crawford 2 Seat Sofa - India Jane

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Soft Furnishings




Window Dressings





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