How to Achieve a Whitewashed Aged Look On Furniture

If you are trying to achieve that professional whitewashed look then an easy method is with lime wash wax, I sometimes use this but for the more skilled person you can try dry brushing white paint on and wipe off to leave in the grain.

Top Tip

The grainier the wood the better.

Try Limewash Wax any brand will do but Annie Sloanes is wetter which makes it go on easier.

Don't apply in direct sunlight otherwise, it melts.

It is good for it to be a little melted it makes applying easier but too hot and it will not adhere to the surface.

Take a look at this table we have for sale this is the finished look you should be working towards I have attached a video of Annie Sloane's video of how to do it.


Extra Large Imperial French Style Distressed Dining Table with Motifs by The Interior Co

The rustic seasoned Acacia wood dining table is complemented by an elaborate inlaid design that brings this beautiful table to life, it has then been washed in a layer of Gesso intentionally 'distress' its look; resulting in a piece similar in appearance to old French painted furniture. Seats up to 10-12.



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