Hayley's Mini Mansion, Shropshire - 2 Hour Consultation

The delight on my face when I pulled up at an old customer of ours daughters house, It was a sheer delight. Something to get my teeth into on a monday morning. I literally had repainted all the walls and taken a few down moments after walking through the door.

I had been employed for a 2-hour consultation to give Hayley ideas for starting the upstairs of the project, she had made a great start by painting all of the huge landing one colour it was Stony Ground by Farrow and Ball this is a perfect colour for a light long landing like Hayley's, Two doors on the landing a painted white the rest were mid brown pine making the hall look narrower than it was.

There was an array of antiques dotted around which didn't really fit in, the houses age nor the owners as they were under 30, but I found out there were all inherited. Top Interior Tip Never live with anything just because you were given it!

Go through one room at a time and spend money on getting it exactly how you want it with your furniture you choose. 

Large double, dual aspect bedroom

There was a big bay window as you walked in with a small modern chair the bed was right down the other end with a sofa at its side on the same side of the room.

We dragged the sofa straight into the bay took off the brown cushions as they did not match with the rooms look, dark blue curtains cream walls and cream bedding. The dark blue curtains stop your eyes reaching across at the beautiful landscape. I turned one of the curtains around and hooked it back on showing Hayley the difference of a neutral curtain. She saw straight away by creating a dark frame around the window of fabric it just blocks your eye from reaching further.

I moved a few paintings around removed a silver mirror which didn't match the style and found a new piece of art in the office which pulled all the colours together along with some grey cushions I put on the sofa which brought all the colours together.

Ideas for Hayley to do.

1. Think about replacing the light fittings.

2. Two new bedside table there was only one and not the right style.

3. Repaint the wall colour I choose one off the farrow and ball colour chart.

4. Buy two new bedside lights.

5. Paint the frame of the picture in F& B Pigeon.

Moving on to the second bedroom 

Hayley had ripped out a plastic dressing table but it has left a mess the wall behind now needs painting or papering and there is a hole in the carpet. I suggested replacing it with a free standing dressing table or turning it into shelves between the two wardrobes. Either side of the bed there is what I would describe as formica bathroom style fitted cupboard which has to go, I am not sure what thought went into this but I have never seen this done in a house before. The rooms are all huge and have plenty of storage so why you would need more storage taking up valuable floor space.

It needed paintings a mirror new curtains and bedding cushions and throws bedside lights and repainting.

Ideas for Hayley to do.

1. Paint the room I choose an F&B colour.
2. Buy a mirror.
3. Buy neutral curtains.
4. New bedding, throw and cushions.
5. Bedside Lights.
6. Bedside tables.


Bedroom 3 

This is the smallest it has recently been painted so we were working with this.

The curtains were green and looked great with the wall colour, Hayley had painted out some of the pine furniture but you know my thoughts on pine, Paint it all or burn it! I moved some channel pictures from another room into this room so the same style was all together and already it looked great. I remove the beach huts canvas it really didn't go and was too cheap for this grand house, Hayley agreed, don't worry I warned her before I arrived I was brutal and she agreed that's what she needed.

Jobs left for Hayley

1. Paint all the furniture in the room including the wood on the mirror, Bed, Wardrobe and chest of draws. 
2. Buy a throw new duvet cover and pillows to match the green curtains.

Moving down the hall Bathroom 1

Now, this is tiled floor to ceiling in white tiles, cold clinical and it has a border of silver around, very dated! cold and old fashioned. The floor was a kitchen tile left over from downstairs, do not be tempted to do this at any cost, keep a few back in case any break in the kitchen then sell the rest on and buy something suitable for a bathroom. I would rip them up but obviously, Hayley needs to look at budgets. I would put a warm wood and take all the tiles off and paint it in a dark grey something like Dove Tail by Farrow and Ball I would keep the ceiling white and put a wooden flooring in like this to bring in some character and warmth. These London tiles are one of my favourite modern looks of this century.

Kerrie Griffin-Rogers Interior Designer, Haley's Classic Mini Mansion Shropshire The Interior Co Bathroom Design

Kerrie Griffin-Rogers uses Dovetail by F&B in a bathroom design Interior Designer The Interior Co

Jobs for Hayley

1. Remove all the tiles retile in dark grey London brick style

2. Repaint Walls 

3. New Mirror

4. Artwork

5. New towels to match

Master Bedroom 

A huge room with three enormous windows, a huge sleigh bed in mango wood huge fitted wardrobes another wardrobe bedside lights not grand enough for this room and light fittings I have seen in a hotel bar in Chester, cheap bedside cabinets painted from M&S a gold mirror.

I found the same style mirror from the bedroom furniture it was huge and heavy we lugged it upstairs and propped it up against the wall, I found a chess board antique with decorative legs on the landing in the wrong place but it looked good as a bedside table temporary until she can find two to match. I found an antique chair in the single room with all the pine so moved it to the right of that.

My advice if Hayley wants to take it is paint the mango wood furniture it is really dated but the bed is simply stunning I would paint it in a very dark grey like Plummett by F&B and then over the top paint Pavillion Grey let it all set then distress it. I would buy new bedding including a throw all in tones of greys and a fur throw to bring in a cosy feel. Lots of cushions of all different textures in the grey to give a hotel effect and I would paint the walls a dark grey called ....... by F&B

1. repaint the walls

2. Buy or have made floor length curtains, Neutral or grey tones

3. Two new bedside cabinets

4. Paint the original furniture

5. 2 new crystal chandeliers

6. New door knobs for the wardrobes

7. New curtain poles

8. 2 New bedside Lights 

9. Chest of draws

10. Dressing Table 

Remove the large mango wood wardrobe and replace with a large dressing table and put the huge mirror above it you will see this as you walk in, make sure the bed is in a central position.

 Hotel feel bedrooms are a must in our busy lives!

The Interior Co Interior Designer Kerrie Griffin-Rogers designs a bedroom in a mini mansion in Shropshire

Master Bathroom and Sauna

Again this room was huge there was what I would call an inner hall with just sinks in then another door into the ensuite, I would remove this wall and open up the bathroom. It was a long fitted unit dated and with a black sink there was a huge piece of mirror above edged in architrave peeling away all this I advised should go. above that was a three-way spotlight which didn't work if you had it on for a period of time, either this has the wrong bulbs in and is overheating or it has a wire loose either way very dangerous but in any event this needs to go I wanted to create a hotel feel in this are so suggested this look below. 

The tiles white and floor to ceiling and the same tiles from the hall kitchen utility and the other bathroom if possible I suggested they go if budget allows. Because the room is huge I suggest a freestanding piece of furniture like a console table with some nice candles on and an orchid or big storm lamps. It needs some beautiful pictures as there weren't any in there and 2 blinds or plantation shutters. Again I have suggested a much darker tone than Hayley would dare to go but I said be brave as I know she loves that spa hotel feel and it is such a big room it can take it.

Jobs to do.

1. The tiles floor to ceiling must go.

2. The flooring I would replace with a warm wood.

3. Rip out both sink units.

Kerrie Griffin-Rogers Interior Designer Shropshire Farmhouse for The Interior Co

4. Electrician to put new lighting in inner section either side of new mirrors.

5. Paint walls dark tone suggested.

6. Install plantation shutters.

7. Green plant palm tree in a large pot near the bath.

8. Tile in the shower and above the bath in London brick tiles.

9. Painted wicker baskets with rolled up tiles in.

10. Rustic wooden shelfs stagered with some statement pieces on.



Kerrie Griffin-Rogers Interior Designer The Interior Co Mini Mansion Bathroom Ideas

This is sophisticated and sleek or below is another idea.

Kerrie Griffin-Rogers designs a country bathroom in Shropshire by The Interior Co

This piece of furniture is ideal for this type of space if you can't find what you like go to an auction take your measurements then get a plumber to fit a new marble top with sinks dropped in or bowls set on top.

Folded towels and beautiful wicker baskets painted under on the shelf all add to the spa feel. I will be doing a blog on painted wicker in the next few days.

 The Landing

It was painted already a great neutral tone the curtains finished half way down the wall and so I suggested a neutral colour and floor length to go with the feel I was trying to create. 

A beautiful antique clock stood in one corner and a sideboard these really are lower floor furniture I would replace the sideboard with one or two soft chairs as the landing can take it.


my 2-hour consultation really needs to be per room but Hayley whizzed me around the whole of the upstairs, it is far better to book me per room as I need time to consider the design as well as the colours. 



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