Hall Snug Dilemma at Jane's

I was invited around to Jane's to help with her dilemma of defining her hall space, many years ago her beautiful old farmhouse had an extension on the back creating a new huge utility room, so this is now the new entrance. But it has left her with an inner hall which is huge, she is using it as a living space but it needed some definition so she called me in.

There were dark leather sofas, a black fireplace, yellow walls and red rug they all needed to go.

There was a TV on a coffee table in the eye line as you walk in and flowers in a vase on the floor. There is a staircase leading to the second floor the ground-floor space is huge but it leads to other rooms so a difficult space to define.

The wall colour is Farrow's cream and quite frankly they need to now move on to there new colours and let the past go! this colour needs ripping straight out of there colour chart its a no go! insipid and honestly! yellow! 

She complained of the space being dark, there was a great chandelier but the bulbs were opalescent so was not giving good light off and about four bulbs needed replacing. 

There was an army of different subject matter on the paintings and this gave the room confusion. Highland cattle, boats, roman fighting figures on black backgrounds and above the fireplace the picture was a map it was far too big for the wall space.

I set to work searching the rest of the house for finds!! it was a treasure chest of paintings, I found a deer's head in the conservatory and asked Jane how she felt about me removing it and putting it above the fireplace she went with me, treading carefully we hung it above the fireplace and both agreed it now had a focal point a purpose.

We collected together a few maps of land she had owned in Wales and hung them together to get a feel for where I was going with my design then set to write a shopping list of new things we needed to source for her to create the perfect cosy snug she had dreamed of.

Old White No4 Farrow and Ball was used by Interior Designer Kerrie Griffin-Rogers

I suggested we paint Old White No4 by Farrow and Ball right thought-out the main part of the house so it has a flow, that included the utility room, hall stairs landing and inner hall right the way through to her office and kitchen so we created some consistency and Flo.

WatchThe Farrow and Ball Vidio Here

Old White can look like a drab green in north facing rooms but can look a traditional soft grey in well light spaces.

Buy a match pot here 


I am working to create a light space filled with furniture which is both comfortable functional and gives the feeling of a defined area, one way of doing this is to use similar tones of colours.

 1. Mirror  Antique Taupe Carved Top Mirror

2. Console Oak Antique Style Hall Table - Distressed

3. Console Distressed Carved Console Table

4. Sofa Champagne Velour Buttoned Sofa

5. Footstool Velvet

6. Armchair Fawn Velvet Long Salon Chair

7. Armchair Luxury Velvet Armchair

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