Farmhouse Life at Melissa's - Shropshire


Over the past 10 years, Melisa's has enlisted me many times for a consultation, she is great with ideas but struggles to pull everything together and married to farmer has to encourage husband gently into thinking its a good idea! Joking apart Melisa's would probably have it anyway.

I revisited Melisa's farmhouse today after we worked on her Kitchen project some 6 months ago, she was really overwhelmed with the prospects of redesigning her kitchen herself, unsure of cabinet choices, worktops and fabrics along with the layout so she enlisted me to pull everything together.

Melissa booked a 2-hour consultation, I discussed with her the bugbears in the room and how it works as a kitchen right now, what gets in her way and what is just not functioning. What little luxuries would she have if money was no object just so I could get a feel for her working kitchen and functionality. We discussed kitchen styles and narrowed it down to two, based on look alone. I advised her what colour the walls ceiling and woodwork should be. The worktop was black and made the room look really small and dark so I suggested a white composite. The floor we looked at a variety of wooden floors and came up with a great aged grey coloured material.

The Lighting was so wrong for the room, just 1 light in there making the space feel even smaller, so she took my advice and changed the light fitting.

Today I popped in and my first words were Wow! Melissa this looks amazing! she showed me all the little extras she originally wanted and how I had helped her keep the cost down by managing the project herself.

She was delighted, Later today the floor goes down so I am sure I will get back and re-photograph the whole finished look at some point.

Melissa said it is an invaluable insight to getting it right the first time by enlisting me to make the major design choices she just couldn't make on her own.

. Cost £470 Consultation fee (This is the cheapest way to get the designer look on a budget)



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