Dining Design- Mini Class

With Dining, you can get it totally right and people won't leave the table for hours or terribly wrong and they won't even hover to eat!.

My Top Tips on getting it right.


If it is a designated room for dining be brave with the wall colour and try a darker colour than you would normally go for.

Remember that amazing restaurant you once went to where you had a fantastic night a memorable one well my guess is it was a dark room with fantastic ambience lighting.



The lighting is essential to a great evening always hang your lighting directly over the table, if there is no way of doing this, even after enlisting the most creative of electrician! (there is always a way) then hand a candle candelabra. We have a great collection online if you don't see what you are looking for give us a call and we will source it for you.




Take a look at our Tables



make sure the chair is upholstered wooden chairs with no stuffing are meant for outside! sit take time and enjoy your food so you will want to be in total comfort. Take a look at our dining chairs.


Tables use elegant design tables a block of wood is boring! and should be outside, Find tables with great leg detail we have plenty in our India Jane collection in fact too many to mention I love them all! Make sure the height of the table gives enough leg room one you are sat down.



Use plenty of candles around the room to get the flickering of light use a table cloth or runner try and serve things in big bowls and oversized plates. Put cracked black pepper and salt in tiny pinch pots in stead of traditional grinders. Put some herbs in a vase on the table and fresh flowers on a side table as not to block the view. Use your imagination and let it go wild show your flare.

Take a look at my accessories section for more inspiration.


Enjoy your dining space, If you are not, then call me to sort it out for you!

Kerrie ;)

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