Decoding the Designer's Mind: A Guide to Interior Design Mastery

 Kerrie talks openly about her 9 key elements of the thought process behind every brief.

1. Will it add value, emotionally and financially?
2. Is it functional?
3. Will it come in Budget?
4. What is the longevity of the product wanting to be used?
5. Does it fulfil the brief?
6. Will it achieve the deadline
7. Is it a solution to the brief?
8. Does it fulfil my expectations
9. Does it fulfil my client's expectations?

What my client's brief is, ultimately starts the thought process, but Kerrie says some clients bring nothing to the brief meeting. They have a bag of ideas in their head or books but cannot find a way to express them. It’s my job as an Interior Designer to bring their thoughts alive by showing them room ideas built from what limited information they have given me.

Kerrie generally starts with a 30-minute over-the-phone or video call to establish what the job entails, the client's expectations and the brief discussed. I'm currently using a combination of darker tones in the bedroom and pops of colour on the linens and soft furnishings at the moment with warmer tones in the landings leading to the bedrooms. If you're looking for that ultimate transformation then we need to talk. Always fearlessly passionate about what I love.
Why not book a consultation with me, Kerrie today please follow the link for an appointment. 
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