Declutter your life in Spring 2023

Get organised this year by going through one room at a time and deciding what can stay and what can go.

1. Look at the furniture - Is it broken unused or dated 

2. What is needed and what is clutter

3. Does the room need decorating 

4. Has the room a function

5. Is the carpet old, Dirty or too dark for the room

6. Does the room have enough storage

7. Is there enough lighting

8. Who uses the room

These are all things you should consider when looking at a room to redesign or just revamp.

Look at the function of the room what it is used for and who uses it. Decide if there is enough storage if there is just old junk and clutter on those bookshelves under beds and under the stairs and get rid of things which do not serve you.

Look to see if the room needs decorating often dirty marks on walls and the wrong colour is chosen can actually stop you from using a room altogether.

The wrong lighting is a critical mistake of many, get the lighting right and the colour of the walls and people will flood into the room, which was once just looked in.

If you have a bookcase with just clutter on it, throw the things which no longer serve you away and display beautiful things you own which may be in a cupboard or pushed away. Use storage baskets to put bits and bobs in and label them up.

You live in your space so make it work for you, If you never have guests to stay then turn the spare room into a second lounge a reading room a study or hobby room, don't live for others live for the here and now.

You have to love every single item in your home for it to serve you, if it doesn't get rid of it.


Let me know if this has helped you declutter, I would love to hear your stories.

Kerrie x 


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