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Pinterest - What Is this and how can it help me design my home?

I use pinterest a lot in all my businesses and personal life, From pinning a top look to give me inspiration or getting an idea of something to paint. DIY projects to cooking all can be found on pinterest. Its a Visual way of seeing all your ideas together, you can split them down into categories just let your creative side flow.



A lot of people don't know what it is or haven't found this fabulous tool for pulling all your ideas together, I call it my giant pin board, treat it like this and you will quickly get the picture.

This is my Dream Home Board.

Why would I use Pinterest?

This is a great tool to create a lookbook or a pin board if you are doing a project and need to see things in a visual way.

What types of things could I use it for?

These are a few of my boards from Hobbies, Holidays, to just style or for a certain project like a Kitchen.

How can it help me with redecorating my house?

It's Fabulous for looking at and working through designs either to find the look you want for your self or when working with professionals like architects or Interior Designers like me. It's a great way visually to show what it is you are looking for in your room design.

How do I create an account?

Just hop on to the computer or your tablet and go to PINTEREST And create an account, then pin away!. I created a board for say, "Lounge" ideas then I searched for lounge ideas, the ones which are my style and I like, I simply press pin. It will say create board until you have a few categories. I would add boards first Which all this means is you are writing heading say on a post it note then adding pictures under that post it note but in a digital way.

You create the boards as you go, or if you are doing a large project of say a whole house you can create a board which is the name of your house and within that have sub headings for lounge, dining room kitchen etc. 


If you go to our my Pinterest page you can see all my boards and follow us so you will know when new things appear that inspire me to pin them. 

It's as easy as that!.

If you get stuck were happy to answer any questions, Just ask! by filling out the online form or post a comment on this blog.

Oh and don't forget to follow us and see what we are pinning this week.

Kerrie x 

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