Creating Interest In The Garden On a Budget - Build Your Own

Adding interest in a garden 

Pic Above Turtledove Hideaway my little holiday let. 

 Who doesn't love a bit of interest in the garden something to watch a little weekend project? I debated for some time whether to put these in a row which would make the building appear longer or in a random pattern but in any event, I love things lined up in threes.


Get the Look

 I bought these simple bird houses from home bargains they were only £3.99 in blue or green I would stick to three of the same colour, obviously if your building is very long use 4 o5 to create impact for a fraction of the cost of other bird house. Be prepared though they don’t last forever I bought one around 2 years ago and the roof started coming off I just nailed it on, so feel free to choose something more substantial like the following. These are available in store only.


A good selection of online options below.

New England Nest Box – Green £22.99 

Hanceville Mounted Birdhouse £27.99


Roof Mounted Bird House


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National Trust CJ Wildlife Vail Nest Box £19

If you like quirky look at these try a collection of different ones together adding charm to your property.

All available at B&M

How to make your own bird box

If you’d like to help the birds in your garden, why not build them a bird box they can call home? Nest boxes can replicate holes in tree trunks that birds use for shelter. 

A great way to help birds at this time of year is to put up nest boxes, where birds can raise a clutch of young come the spring. In our urban areas and gardens, where trees are typically sparser, nest boxes can replicate holes in tree trunks that birds use for shelter. As natural nest sites are declining, why not follow our simple step-by-step instructions to create your own bird box?

Follow the National trusts step-by-step guide

Click this link to find out how. 

"Where you install your nest box such as height above the ground, distance from other next boxes and protection from our furry feline friends will ultimately determine how much use your box receives. Research your target species preferences and create a little wildlife oasis of your own."

- Anthony Lambert, Ranger, Dunstable Downs


Then watch and wait – we hope you have some new residents moving into your garden soon.

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