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Hi Kerrie 

Don’t know whether you’ve seen but left you a review on facebook. 
I thought you may like to put this on your website as well to help other people when trying to find the right Interior Designer as I always thought it quite daunting until I heard people talking about you and your work.
Where do I start?! Kerrie first designed the interior for my mums farmhouse: classy, tasteful and practical. So many people have commented about how gorgeous it looks. When I moved into my own home I just knew I was going to enlist in Kerrie,s services to do the same.
She has an amazing talent for interiors, your house is not complete unless she’s added her magic touch for you and I really mean this.

As well as a world class interior designer Kerrie is also a property developer and a very practical person its natural for her to look at adding value too.
I’m so happy with her ideas for my upstairs and can’t wait for her to see this in fruition when she designs the downstairs.
Kerrie has a natural flair for interior design and creating the perfect look for your home. When she started working on my mums house ten years so many people have commented on how gorgeous it looks, myself included.
When I moved into my own home I knew I wanted Kerrie's advice as soon as possible before I made any costly mistakes. I would highly recommend her skills and I really believe that your home isn’t at its full potential until she has helped design it. 
I had the two hour consultation to start with  so I could get a flavour for what Kerrie may surgest. 
I was left with many many more ideas than I thought possible and the fact Kerrie always has at the back of her mind adding value as she is a property developer as well is an absolute plus. 
There were walls to come down where we just hadn’t thought about and a few simple large items of furniture moved around to create a better flo, mirrors moved from one room to another as the styles were to mixed and a long list of jobs to now do including her colour scheme choices. 
Kerrie gives hands on practical advice, she is highly talented in giving it the wow factor even a few minutes after walking in one of the bedrooms she had moved a sofa bed from beside the main bed and pulled it into a huge empty bay window, removed all the cushions which didn’t match, took a mirror down which also didn’t go and found a painting in another bedroom propped up on the floor which matched perfectly. 
Kerrie gets stuck in from the moment she walks in, I loved her ideas and the way she described what I need to do I could actually envisage it after not having any experience myself this was essential to make my house a home. 
Thankyou so much, I shall work down my list knowing you are only a phone call away if I get stuck. This way of working with an Interior Designer for me is perfect as I really wanted to have a go myself but need to be under close eye of an expert. 
I shall be calling you really soon. 
Kind Regards 


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