Commercial Interior Design - By Kerrie Griffin

Every time I'm chosen and trusted to be involved in a design project, it's always a sign that I'm doing a great job, but when you also get to work with people like Fenella, who is utterly inspiring, knows exactly what she is trying to achieve and helped along the way with the execution of this, for me is an excellent partnership. Fenella was flawless to work with, hard working to get this project off the start line even in its initial stages and the ability to be there immediately when we needed a decision made the whole projects progress come along a lot quicker.Time is money as they say!. With the both of our creative minds working together, one with always in the back of her mind what is best for her clients and me with my design knowledge, knowing what is best to get her those clients to add value, where to cut corners and where not to. We worked as an incredible team together and I am honoured to have worked with her. To get a testimonial after and wanting to work with me again, it's just a sign of the professionalism between the pair of us to be able to get on and just do the job. Here are some of the colour boards for one of the rooms that I created which I absolutely love, I always offer the choice of two designs because often you'll like quite a lot of one room and a little bit of another so I then pull that design scheme together. I hope you like it and I can't look forward enough to working with Fenella again. Thank you. #creative #project #team #work #job #projects #people #future #thankyou #love #help #InteriorDesign #Renovation #CommercialProperty #teamwork #AddingValueWithInteriorDesign #TheInteriorCo #KerrieGriffin #Award-WinningInteriorDesigner Designing A 17 Bedroom House - Excellent Job Its always lovely when a client looks at your works and decides you the one for the for the job even better when you get a review, it was so lovely to work with Fenella and I'm so excited to work with her in the future. She is an amazing inspirational person who has this amazing ability to visualise what it is. She's looking for and get on and achieve it. So thanks again Fenella for putting your trust in me to help you with this project.

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