Coast Or Country BBC Series 6 - Kerrie Griffin-Rogers Property Search

Tomorow 21st April I will be followed by a film crew in search of a new life for my Daughter and I, but we have a dilemma to remain in the country or live by the coast.

As a fashionista owner of my own casual fashion brand Feathers Of Italy and Interior designer, I love a good challenge in the wardrobe department. Today from all over the UK and Ireland I have outfits arriving which I have put together to give that coast or and country look which I so adore. 

I will include a few of the colour boards I have done showing you the looks. I have used this principle to get organised for filming for the week ahead as I would designing a house.

I will be filming with a dear friend of mine the very very funny Tim Rickett he is a  very experienced estate agent and keeps me in check when I go on one of my "oh my god I have to have this" moments! it should be fun to watch here is the trailer.

Watch the trailer 


The leaves on the trees moment is a classic! I hope you will join me in my search to find the perfect home for my daughter and I.

My must-have list Country

Cheshire countryside

4 bedroom minimum

Barn or outbuildings

Potential to develop

Potential as a turnaround house

Not near other houses

Off any main roads

Near open countryside

Older period property


Coastal house

4 Bed minimum

The Wirral

Near nice restaurants

Near the beach or overlooking it

More Modern

within 45 minutes of my daughter's school

 My house is on the market so I thought you would like a nosey around it, I have already used many photos from the house on my website so you have had a sneak peak.

Here is the link.


Watch one of last years series to get a feel for what I'm in for! 


Fashion Boards - Kerrie's Style 


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