Are You Cottage Cosy For Autumn - Ready Or Not?

Creating a welcoming space to relax in the evenings isn't always as easy as it looks says Kerrie Interior Designer and Owner of The Interior
Creating a welcoming atmosphere as the nights draw in is worth thinking about now and with Christmas coming do any rooms need revamping?

7 Top tips I swear by for that cosy look!

1. have music playing in the background when you come in. I invested in some Sonus speakers and set them up around the house. You can choose to play different music in different rooms to please different tastes or all the same.

2. Fresh flowers and scented candles or diffusers give that homely feel when you walk in it has that comforting home smell. I love the Neom range called happiness 15% off with your first order of Neom with code 15FORYOU and our new orange blossom diffuser just in along with the India Jane 3 candle box set, lovely on the kitchen island.
3. Lighting is an absolute atmospheric must! when walking in, I like the house already lit up no time wasted switching on all the lamps around the house. They are all on timers like these from Screw Fix. I have them coming on just before dusk and off just after I have gone to bed. A time-consuming activity if you're not prepared with your timers.

4. Why wait till Christmas to get those twinkly lights out I don't know why but they give off a comforting feeling. I have got some wrapped around a beam in the conservatory all year round, some in the hall where it has no head high for a lamp and some in my kitchen which I can see whilst preparing my food.
5. Soft furnishings rugs, cushions and throws, now are the time to flip from summer to winter. Soft furnishings giving your lounge a real facelift at a fraction of the cost of a full redecoration. By simply adding a rug and some bold cushions and fluffy throws make all the difference. Subtle changes are always welcoming.
6. Has that sofa seen the better days? or is that armchair now becoming uncomfy? there are a lot of furniture manufacturers declaring a 32-week wait at the moment. Our furniture is available now or in October, November so not long to wait but remember to pre-order. Take a look at our new sofas and chairs now ready to ship or pre-order be quick they are proving very popular already.
7. Ready for bed earlier than normal, then make the most of your sleep quality did you know you are supposed to replace a mattress every 6-8 years because 

Buying a new mattress can be a significant expense – is it worth it?

In almost all cases, the answer is absolutely. A new mattress can improve the quality of your sleep, which influences everything from your energy levels to mood to overall health. Some potential benefits of a new mattress include:

Improved Sleep – A 2009 peer-reviewed clinical trial found that new mattresses significantly improved sleep quality and reduced both back pain and perceived stress in the trial population. Most new mattress owners also report that their sleep quality improved after purchasing a new bed.

Reduced Aches & Pains – If you wake up with pain or stiffness in your back, shoulders, hip or neck, it’s quite possible that your mattress may be part of the problem. Older beds tend to sag in places, which reduces support and makes it less likely that your spine will be properly aligned.

Reduced Motion Transfer – Older mattresses tend to transfer more motion from one side of the bed to the other. This means that a partner changing positions in the night can disrupt your sleep. A new mattress – and particularly an all-foam or hybrid bed – will transfer less motion, helping couples get better rest together.

Reduced Allergies/Asthma – Old mattresses accumulate dust mites, mold, bacteria and other allergens at an alarming rate. A small study by the National University of Singapore found that mattresses had the highest concentration of dust mites out of any household item, and other allergens are also very common in older mattresses. If you’ve found that your allergies or asthma symptoms have worsened, your mattress may be partially to blame.

While it can be tempting to stick with your existing mattress and save some money, for most people it will be worthwhile to upgrade. Remember that you will spend roughly 1/3rd of your life in bed – and there’s no better way to invest in your own well being than to do all you can to ensure quality sleep says the sleep foundation.

Can it get any grander with this oak King Size bed now back in stock! or choose a divan base with storage under and a classic headboard! have you got a design and want a bespoke one made then contact Kerrie on we also offer contract beds.


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