Guest Bedroom in Country House

This room was a spare guest room which the owner felt was dark, It was a room that no one used and it had a strange feeling in it.  even I felt it when I walked in. We dowsed the house and found this room to have some negative energy spots in the room these can be caused by something as simple as an argument and can linger all the life of the house.
We cleared the room from negative energy and sold all the furniture for her on eBay it was dark wood from M&S and very poorly made so when we moved the wardrobe it practically fell to pieces.
We painted the walls Dix blue by Farrow and Ball and painted the chest of draws in-house white by Farrow and Ball, she had this in another room unused. This lifted the space and felt double the size, the window was painted in an exterior french grey by Farrow and Ball because there is no double glazing and the window tends to get condensation on it which means it's an endless job of repainting every year unless you use our top tip for older period properties.
The carpet was pale pink so we removed this and replaced with a cream wool from crucial trading.
The curtains were kept plain so as not to detract too much from the oak frame end wall and the great view across the fields.
French linen covers and seascapes were used to give a holiday feel to the room giving the room the feel of a French country home.
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