Garden Ideas

  • How To Create A Harmonious Outdoor Space

    Creating a Harmonious Outdoor Space is all about setting your furniture sets out in the right places in your garden. 

    I have a morning coffee small table and two chairs in case a friend pops in I have a bench for watching the sun go down. I have a dining area near the hot tub and BBQ and of course my late sun gin and tonic area for a lazy wind down on my L shaped sofas. Trying to use the art of multi-dimensional brings harmony to your outdoor space that is both relaxed and organic. Where your dining area is plant some big pots and have things like rocket and herbs for that last minute adding to your dishes at the table.

    Combining different styles and materials is the key to achieving this goal. By selecting various styles of furniture and using soft cushions and blankets with outdoor waterproof rugs adds a truly unique and visually engaging look for both guests and ourselves.

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