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Email me a property link with a question about what your dilemma is and your criteria. This could really make you avoid a costly mistake. I will then give you advice which may be more suitable for the reason you are looking its cost-efficient, ie point out potential obstacles or benefits you may have missed, including points you could negotiate or not on.

As an example, recently a couple wanted to know if a particular house was suitable as a holiday let as it had an attached annex, which in my opinion needed a complete overhaul! new bathroom new kitchen flooring etc, people want luxury and quality not somewhere to lay their heads, there premier inns for that, they want to experience something different, something quirky. The only entry through to this annex was the same entrance as they would use and it was actually a room, which in my opinion would not then be able to use. My advice was clear, I advised it wouldn't work losing a useful room would not be worth the income you would gain. I will make myself very clear if you have fallen in love with it but I make a suggestion it's not for you because (for the reasons you have asked me for I will not hold back I will be honest.

Another couple wanted to find a property to do up over 18 months then rent it out and they had this idyllic property it was already 50k over budget and there was about 150 k to spend on it they said it would cost about 20k it won't really, it won't!. I employ tradesmen, I know first hand, they are like gold dust and if they are any good they are expensive.

Another wanted to buy two houses one to live in and one to rent out as a holiday cottage which would be nearby for ease as they had two school children but I suggested something like my concept which is on the market and has worked very well for me whilst my children were growing up Wood Farm House a property with a cottage already in the garden which I created called (Turtledove Hideaway) to earn an income and a second barn to convert if they decide to grow they wanted to make a healthy income from there purchase as well as be their home and as I have a lot of experience with Holidays lets and Boutique-style mini Hotels I was able to help advise. I'm not attached to anything or anyone so my advice is impartial and crucial to some people's search to find that perfect pad.

I have used dowsing for 10 years now to make decissions in my life and I havent done too bad! I will dowse the suitability of this property and if it's 100% right for you and your family. You can ask me two aditional questions FREE. 

Priced per property.

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