Turtledove Hideaway

Turtledove Hideaway was created by Kerrie for a magazine article some 5 years ago, It was booked up within weeks of opening and now enjoys a steady flow of customers from her Interior design clients who come from far and wide to see Kerrie to clients from her Clothing Company wanting a new wardrobe. She also attracts clients from all over the globe coming to see this enchanted cottage converted from an Oak-framed Garage.

A remarkable transformation

Featured in 19 publications worldwide, including Ideal Home Magazine.

Also the subject of a book about converting buildings into chic spaces.

The Lounge a great relaxing environment for you to unwind!

Style: Calming hues of muted greys and chalky whites combine to create a restful ambiance at this cute-as-pie romantic self-catering hideaway. With vintage twists and fireside furs, this romantic haven is pure luxury.“Turtledove Hideaway”



Turtledove Hideaway is the perfect bolt-hole for lovebirds looking for a romantic break. Surrounded by pastoral landscapes, this bijou self-catering hideaway is sure to inspire all those that visit.


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