Artist Kerrie Griffin-Rogers works off the normal ”perimeters and guide lines” of traditional art. Her painting's sharpness and originality are a new phase in her work and her life.

Born in Nottingham in 1966, Kerrie was introduced to art from the word go as her parents both enjoyed painting. She told Picture Business magazine “I started my working life as a hairdresser and rapidly moved into advertising, where i worked a number of well known campaigns for over 10 years. I then studied as and became an Interior Designer in the course of which I worked on various projects including painting large murals. I later designed a range of paintings for children, but all this time I longed to come up with a contemporary style of my own. Which thankfully I did.”

She continued to tell Picture Business “My style of work very much involves texture and movement and, I would hope, creates thinking amongst the least likely of us” It is understood that the inspiration behind her new collection of Feather Paintings comes directly from her pekin chickens. She added "I use all sorts of techniques, some specialist in the world of interiors".

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